Inspect Building

Our Inspect Building service helps ensure you get excellent value for money, whether in a new build, refurbishment, or when purchasing a new property.

inspect buildingBuilder / Building Evaluation

Need a second opinion on the quality of building work being delivered on your building project?


Building Inspection

Want to know how structurally sound a property is that you are considering purchasing?

Whichever option you are considering, talk to BBN and let us provide you with peace of mind at very affordable rates. We can provide reports on one particular part of the build (such as roofing ), or provide a far more detailed report covering the whole property.

Builder / Building Check

new build inspectionsNew Build Inspections and Building Renovation Inspections

BBN’s private building inspector can come and undertake a building check and inspect buildings you are having renovated, or do new build inspections at any stage of the process. They will evaluate the workmanship of your builder and whether it is meeting the high standards expected by the local council Building Inspector.

It is always best to ensure you are paying builders based on what work they have done and materials they have used up to that date. In this way, if BBN come and inspect building work and find it is not up to standard, then it is much easier to part from them. If you have paid a large sum up front, then it is much harder to get rid of low quality builders.

Inspect Building Pre Purchase

House Inspection / Building Inspection

Save money now and avoid expensive bills further down the road with our Inspect Building Pre Purchase option.

If you would like BBN to do a property inspection before you purchase we can save you thousands of pounds on the asking price by pointing out all the work that will need to be done to the property to bring it up to standard.

If you are looking for a more detailed house buyers survey that would be accepted by a mortgage lender then please see our building survey page, where we can supply accredited surveyors.

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