Kitchen Fitting : Tips for Keeping your Spending Under Control

A new kitchen is not something you invest in every year, or even ever couple of years. A good quality kitchen that is carefully chosen will last decades without going out of fashion. In this article we are going to concentrate on how to keep your spending under control when it comes to kitchen fitting. Contrary to popular belief, fitting your own kitchen won’t actually save you much money at all.

A new fitted kitchen does not come cheap, and even a small or modest new kitchen will cost you thousands of pounds. So, before you start setting your heart on one particular design, let’s look at how to keep your spending under control. Designer brands and shiny appliances will soon put up the overall cost of your new kitchen. The good news is that you don’t need them to make an impact. The average cost for a kitchen is around 7K. But of course, this figure can vary immensely.

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Kitchen Fitting : Getting Quotes

The best way to find out how much your new kitchen will cost is to get some quotes. Before you start however, you should set yourself a budget. This should be an overall budget and should include everything from installation to the finishing touches. Once you have a figure in mind, you can dismiss costly cabinets if they are out of your budget on all the quotes you get. Knowing how much you can spend means you can make rational choices.

When it comes to kitchen fitting, it is possible to have your dream room at a price you can afford. Take advantages of services where local companies will come and measure up and draw up a design for you. Some consultants may charge a fee for this, but it really is money well-spent. Modern designs can be show to you in 3D, so you will really get a feel of what your new kitchen will be like.

Removing your Old Kitchen

Although here at BBN we really advise against projects, one way to save some money is to remove your old kitchen yourself. If you are careful with the way you remove your old cabinets, you may even be able to sell them, which is an added bonus. Don’t however tamper with your gas cooker; this is something only a professional should remove. If you don’t sell your old cabinets and appliances, you may have to pay someone to take them away. So, it makes sense to try and sell your old kitchen.

When fitting your new kitchen, do not try to save money on electrical installations. If you know that your room needs rewiring, then this is the perfect time to do so. Although it could cost you nearly a thousand pounds, it is well worthwhile. Once you have new tiles and fixtures, you will not want to dismantle them at a later time.


As well as looking to local kitchen fitting teams for advice, it also pays to do some research of your own. You can compare appliances and worktops online, and check what reviews others have been leaving. You will also be able to source the cheapest supplier of your favourite cabinetry. The price you pay for your kitchen will depend a lot on what worktops you choose. Granite and marble look stunning, but there are other more economical choices out there. Also, you can save money on your appliances by shopping in the sales. Last season’s model of fridge will be cheaper than this seasons, but in a year, they will both be out of date!

Lastly, ensure that you budget for your flooring. Once again, you can spend a little or a lot, depending on your preferences. Although no new kitchen should be subject to 70’s style linoleum, there are some cheaper alternatives to hardwood available on the market.

When making your choices, think about the future. Although you may not be thinking of selling your property in the near future, you may do at some point in time. Your kitchen is the selling point of your home. So, ensure that it will be to everyone’s liking, or at least, not a design that some people will hate.

Stay Local

With all your research out of the way, it’s time to decide on your kitchen fitting team. Here is where we step in again. Asides providing you with a design team or a consultancy service, we can put you in touch with the best and most reputable kitchen fitters in the local area. As all our tradesmen are vetted, we guarantee that your kitchen will be fitted to an exceptionally high standard, and in a timely manner too.

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