Planning Consultants Bristol

Expert Residential and Commercial Planning Consultants Bristol based, but also providing detailed planning advice for projects under the jurisdiction of the following councils:

  • Bristol City CouncilPlanning Consultants Bristol
  • South Gloucestershire Council
  • North Somerset Council
  • Bath & North East Somerset Council

Planning advice is often interpreted or enforced slightly differently and BANES Planning, South Gloucestershire Planning, Bristol Council Planning and North Somerset planning decisions can all vary slightly. Because of this, it is important to have someone local who understands the subtle differences between the councils, and what is going to be allowed, and what is not.

Our Planning consultants in Bristol have a great deal of experience in the area, dealing with residential and commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. We understand each council’s planning process intimately and can bring our wealth of knowledge to your project. This ensures a faster planning process and a much greater likelihood of obtaining planning permission for your project.

Pre-planning Applications

planning advice BristolWhere there is any doubt whatsoever on the viability of your project, our Bristol Planning Consultants can work with the local council through pre-planning to make sure the scheme is going to pass. Often, the council will put forward suggestions on how to change the design to ensure it has minimal impact on neighbours (Section 106) or other concerns they may raise at the pre-planning application stage.

Pre-planning also ensures you are aware of all the paperwork and reports required for the project, so the planning process can be passed a lot more smoothly.

Our planning consultants Bristol team is on hand to answer your questions and provide you with the help and support to get your planning in permission in place with the minimum of stress.
Call and speak to one of our staff to arrange for a consultation, or send us your plans through using the form upload on the Contact Page.