Property Developer Bristol

property development BristolAs well as building work, we are a highly acquisitive property developer Bristol Builders Network are always in the market for land and suitable sites.

BBN seek both land and buildings with the intention of creating more homes for local families. We work both in Bristol and the surrounding areas and create housing projects that will benefit local people.

Land Aquisition

Residential land and sites wanted for property development Bristol and surrounding villages:

  • Sites with or without planning permission
  • Greenfield and Brownfield sites
  • Houses with large gardens and potential access for additional homes
  • Commercial properties, pubs, churches, hotels etc. suitable for redevelopment
  • Mixed Use property development Bristol based opportunities
  • Joint Ventures

BBN always reward Introducers and Agents

commercial property development BristolIf you are an agent or know of a suitable property developer Bristol opportunity, please do get in touch and we will generously compensate you for your efforts.

Joint Ventures

Whether you want a competent property developer Bristol based company to assist you with your project or whether you have land or property for sale, BBN would be delighted to hear from you.
We can help in a number of ways. As well as finding the right builders for the job we can also work on the project together. You will benefit from:

  • A wealth of experience of property development Bristol and surrounding area
  • Low building costs
  • Massive discounts from the building materials companies
  • A highly motivated workforce
  • Fast completion
  • Property Investor money if you need more capital for your project

Building Homes in Your Back Garden

property developer BristolWith recent law changes, you can now easily build in your back garden. So, if you are a home owner with a large garden, then our property developer Bristol team would like to hear from you.

As long as access for vehicles can be created at one side of the property then building in your back garden is feasible and the local authorities have been instructed to pass these kinds of developments to help alleviate the housing shortage.

Has your local church or hall or club closed? Please let us know. Not only is a local derelict building a haven for trouble, it is an eyesore than can bring property prices down.

Our property development Bristol and surrounding villages helps restore communities to their former glory and helps inprove the local area for everyone.