Single Storey Kitchen Extension : A Valuable Asset for your Home

A single storey kitchen extension can add much needed space to your home. When done professionally, it will also add value to your property. Kitchen extensions have been popular since the 1980’s, where adding rooms to your home became fashionable. Nowadays the kitchen has once again become the hub of the family home. Kitchens sell homes. So, it’s well worth having an impressive one.

If you are looking to add room to your property without having to spend too much, a single storey kitchen extension could be the perfect choice. At the back of your home, single storey extensions with full sliding doors will bring light to your home as well as adding space. If you keep your extension simple and buy off-the-shelf door, you can easily stay under a 15K budget.

As an extension to the rear of your home is a permitted development, you won’t normally need planning permission. This is something that Bristol Builders Network can confirm for you, as there are things that do need to be taken into consideration. For example, you must be careful not to block the source of natural light to your neighbour’s property with your extension. To be on the safe side, allow us to check with your local planning authority.

single storey kitchen extension

Knocking Through to Build a Single Storey Kitchen Extension

When adding an extension to the rear of your property, knocking through to combine a kitchen and reception room is a popular choice. This will create an open plan living space that will include your kitchen. With so much more room in your new kitchen, you will be able to add the island you dreamed of, or purchase the larder fridge you have been desperate to own.

When you have a large open space, it is important to create zones. These should include cooking, relaxing, and dining areas. You may choose to divide up the space with colours, or with furniture. Colour is the more subtle approach to dividing up your living space, as opposed to placing open book shelves or other furniture strategically.

One of the most important parts of your extension plans will be your roof. You may like to add a modern extension to a traditional home, but the roof still needs to tie the extension to the original build. A modern box-style extension with a flat roof and skylights is a great option for budget extensions. Orangery extensions with solid walls and a glass roof are also popular. A sympathetic option for an older home is a pitched roof that goes over a flat roof, allowing your extension to blend in more easily with the rest of your build.

A single storey extension is relatively quick to build. Without the need for planning permission, and everything kept low key, your new kitchen can be ready in just months. For more ideas and advice on your single storey kitchen extension, contact Bristol Builders Network today. We can offer you advice on planning, design, and much more.

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