Single Storey Kitchen Extensions : For Modern Family Homes

Kitchens have evolved a lot in recent years. Only a couple of decades ago they were hidden-away work spaces that were small and separate from living and dining rooms. Today, more and more time is spent in the kitchen. Your kitchen is the hub of your home and a place to share stories and create family memories. So, if live in a period property or a standard home built in the latter part of the 20th century, your kitchen will most likely be small.  Single storey kitchen extensions can put things right, bringing the heart of your home into the best possible place.

Single Storey Kitchen Extensions

Single Storey Kitchen Extensions : More than Just  Cooking Facilities

To get the most out of single storey kitchen extensions you need to take the focus away from the traditional idea of the kitchen being a cooking facility. Modern kitchens should be stylish, warm, and inviting. They are a place for all your family to gather round. An open plan kitchen and dining room is a great way to ensure your kitchen is no longer an isolated place.

So, if your kitchen is too small and separate from your diner, opening up your home and adding a single storey extension can bring you that harmonious feel that you are craving. Your décor will flow from your lounge right through to your kitchen-diner. A relaxing place, your kitchen will be a place you will really want to get creative in.

Getting Creative in the Kitchen

In modern homes, TV dinners are too common. So are takeaways and pre-packed meals. Dinner time should be a time to gather round the family and spend some quality time. If you are guilty of TV dinners, one reason behind it could be that your kitchen simply doesn’t inspire you to get creative. A small and dark kitchen that is separate from the rest of the home is not somewhere you will want to get creative in.

Costing your Extension

A single storey kitchen extension is not as cheap as using your new room as an office or bedroom. But it is definitely money well-spent. Kitchen units will cost you upwards of 3K, and on top of this you will need to budget for your worktops. Budgeting for appliances can be more complex. You may try to save money by using your existing fridge, washing machine, and dishwasher. But, your old cooker will be redundant if you plan on an island kitchen with hob.

There are ways to keep your kitchen budget under control. These include using a local kitchen fitter who will offer you the very best price for the job. Try to re-use anything you can from your existing kitchen if you are on a strict budget. The type of flooring, tiles, and doors and windows you choose will all be reflected in the overall price of your extension cost. So, to ensure you stay within budget, use a design service for your kitchen that will include all costs, from planning to the finishing touches.

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