Two Storey Extension Cost for your UK Home

When calculating your two storey extension cost, there is one important thing to remember. That an extension, either single or two storey will have the same foundations and roof. So, although a 2 storey extension may cost more, it will always be better value for money. A wise investment that will add space and resale value, your extension will also ensure you don’t need to move house in the near future.

two storey extension cost

Two Storey Extension Cost : What to Include in your Calculations

There are many different variables to take into consideration when calculating the overall cost of your extension. Labour costs will differ depending on the area you live in the UK and the building spec and materials you choose will affect the final price. On average, you should be looking to spend around 1.5K per square metre. You can save some money if you are prepared to get your hands dirty, but a project management should be a priority for a professional build.

Asides the basic cost per square metre, you will need to add addition costs for contractors, architects, and project managers. VAT must be included in your calculations at 20%. But remember, if you use local tradesmen sourced by BBN with an annual turnover that is below the threshold for VAT, you will not be charged it either.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

When working out your two storey extension cost you also need to decide what you will use your new space for. The use for the rooms can vary the overall cost quite considerably. If you plan to add a lounge downstairs and a bedroom upstairs, then costs can be kept to a minimum. But when you start adding kitchens and bathrooms the cost will start to soar rapidly.

A kitchen will set you back anywhere between 5K and 20K, depending on the style, size, and quality. Bathrooms start at around the same price, and really, you can spend as much as you want on your perfect bath or wet room. If you are planning a wet room then you will need to think about the cost of the flooring. Normal flooring can cost you anywhere from 25 pounds; but when you need to seal and waterproof for a wet room, the price will really start to escalate.

Local Tradesmen

One way to keep the cost of your extension down is to employ local tradesmen. As discussed before, you can save 20% VAT on all building works carried out by local contractors with small businesses. But, it can be hard to rely on small contractors. You will constantly worry whether their workmanship is up to scratch or if they will disappear without finishing the build. This is why you should use Bristol Builders Network. We vet all out tradesmen before recommending them to you. We are confident in supplying you the best local tradesmen, at the very best prices. We can help keep the cost of your two storey extension down, whilst ensuring you the very best quality of build.

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