Barn Conversion Bristol

Looking for bespoke Barn Conversions Bristol and surrounding areas?barn conversions bristol

Need a specialist team to work on a Listed Barn?

Want an affordable price or a high-end luxury finish?

Would like a builder who has experience with complex Barn Conversions?

Look no further than Bristol Builders Network. We have teams of specialists in every area of building, including barn conversions.

We have personally vetted all our expert builders before they come on to our books and you can rest assured that you are dealing with experts in their field with a proven track-record of delivering quality projects.

However far along the barn conversion journey you are, we can help. From architecture and planning to structural engineering and energy efficiency calculations.

There are also some hidden pitfalls with barn conversions that can easily be avoided with the correct advice. Often issues such as shared drives or privacy can be worked out long before building work starts, saving you many future headaches.

Not only barn conversions, but every other type of building conversion too:

  • Garage ConversionsBristol barn conversions
  • Church Conversions
  • Bank Conversions
  • Shop Conversions
  • Pub Conversions
  • Chapel Conversions
  • Industrial conversions
  • Warehouse Conversions
  • Factory Conversions
  • Mill Conversions
  • Lighthouse Conversions


Wood & Timber Barn Conversions

Whatever material your barn is built from, we can work from it. If you need any parts replaced such as wooden beams, we have a wealth of contacts and craftspeople who can help you convert the building while still retaining the original character.

We can strengthen walls with invisible underpinning, and hide insulation within the structure to give you all the comfort of a modern home, within the shell of an original barn that retains all its charming features.

Our Barn Conversion Bristol experts are highly adept at material matching and recreating mortar and other materials so they are in-keeping with the original building.

If you are looking for rustic interior finishes we can help you source from reclamation and other sources for time worn, original pieces.

Contact us today and we can discuss your Bristol Barn conversion with you and provide your with the benefit of many years of experience working on projects just like this.