Terms and Conditions

Bristol Builders Network (BBN) was set up to protect you from Cowboy builders and rogue traders.

We make every attempt to deliver your building project on time and on budget, and our builders have decades of experience and hundreds of happy customers.

As well as having a duty of care to you, we also have a duty of care to them, and so these Terms and Conditions are designed to protect both you and our builders.


All BBN quotations are made to be as accurate as possible, with every item of the Scope of Work individually priced wherever possible.

Omissions in the Scope of Work, and any work requested in variance to the Scope of Work, are considered Extra Work to the Contract and are not included in the Contract Price. All additional work required due to site conditions which could not be reasonably anticipated by the Builder are not included in the Contract Price and shall also be considered Extra Work.

Please check your quotation carefully and ensure all parts of the work you requested are detailed in the quotation. Painting and decorating is not included in the quotation unless specifically stated.

All rubbish clearance is included in the price, unless you want to clear it yourself. If you do, please let us know and we will reduce the quotation for you.


BBN is a collective of highly qualified builders, it does not hold assets or a large cash reserves, so payments always need to be made in advance. We do not have expensive offices or overpaid Directors, so our clients benefit from our lower overheads with competitive quotes. In exchange, we ask that clients keep us in credit, so we can afford to buy materials and pay wages on time.

A payment schedule will be agreed with the client before work starts.

An initial deposit of 30% is required to cover materials and labour, then weekly payments to be agreed between the client and BBN. The deposit should be paid on the Thursday before work is due to start.

If the money is not in our account by Midday on Friday, then BBN may line up other work for the team to do on the following Monday. If payment is delayed because a client is unable to pay and we have to go to another job, we will liaise with the client and when they are in a position to pay, we will arrange for the team to return as soon as possible.

The final payment is due after the client signs the job off as being 100% happy with it. Payment for final invoice is strictly upon receipt.


All Extra Work needs to be agreed via email before they are begun. Once agreed, BBN will change the weekly payment schedule to accommodate the Extra Work. There may be the requirement for an initial deposit to cover materials as well.


Staff will be on site for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week wherever possible. We do not pull workers off of jobs unless absolutely necessary. All jobs are by quotation rather than day rate, but we want to finish your job for you as soon as possible.

We may employ additional sub-contractors to help us out with the job, but they will be paid for by us.


You are welcome to use your own trusted tradespeople and we will do everything we can to accommodate them. However, if they hold us up or impede our ability to do our job we do charge a standing charge that is based on the hourly rate for each person being delayed.


Once all jobs have been completed we ask clients to sign off on our work, and pay the final invoice. If any problems arise due to our work, we will come back and fix it for free as soon as we can.