Loft Conversion Bristol

Loft Conversions BristolWhether you are thinking of selling your house and want to add value, or just want to make use of all available space, our loft conversion Bristol team can help.

We can increase the space, add some Velux windows, plumb in a new bathroom or even raise the roof to give you more dwelling room.

BBN offer loft conversions Bristol and right across the Westcountry, so don’t delay – get a quote from one of our thoroughly vetted loft conversion Bristol based teams.

Loft conversions Bristol prices depend on how much work there is to do and whether there are any specialist inclusions such as metal beams.

Loft Conversion Cost Bristol Checklist

The first thing to do before you start planning your attic conversion is to check the internal height of the existing loft (from the apex ridgeboard down to the top of the ceiling joist).

The first and most important is the internal height of the existing loft, from the top of the ceiling joist to underneath the ridgeboard in the apex. You will be able to create a reasonable sized room with between 2.2 and 2.5 m.

Next, look at the footprint of the existing loft space. You will want roughly 5.5 m side to side, and 7.5 metre long to make it worthwhile doing a full loft conversion Bristol specialists will be able to judge exactly what is possible.

The final consideration is the pitch of the roof. It will need to be 30 degrees or more to ensure there is adequate central head height.

Loft Uses

Bristol loft conversionsYou can expect to add around 20 percent to the value of your home by turning your attic into liveable space. Our Bristol loft conversions could provide you with a spare bedroom to have friends and family over to stay. The benefits of a guest bedroom will be felt in the price of the house if you were ever to sell.

Other popular uses for a Bristol loft conversion include a home gym, to keep the family fit and healthy, an office tucked up out the way for quiet working, or a teenagers entertainment area, so the noise can be kept to a minimum – don’t forget the additional carpet underlay to reduce sound!

Most loft conversions in Bristol are mixed use, for example a living room with sofa beds, so it can be used for entertaining and staying over.