Single Storey Extension

single storey extensionThe single storey extension is the most popular choice for clients looking to extend and add value to their home.

A single story extension is affordable, with a price of between £1250 and £1800 per m2 depending on the level of luxury you want to incorporate into the build.

Bristol Builders Network can help you with your single storey house extension and project manage the whole process for you, or we can work to your exact design specification.

Looking for a large or small single storey extension? Bristol Builders specialise in double and single story extension work and can provide you with expert advice and our usual high quality finish.

Single Story Extensions: Skylights

single storey extension plantshanging garden in single storey extensionThe best thing about single storey extensions is you really get to play around with the amount of light you can flood in to your home.

All the delights of a sunny day but with the warmth of a home to make the space attractive and versatile all year round.

Everything from a few skylights or a glass pyramid to long glass lanterns that allow the sunshine to pour in.

Some people worry that the sun will be too much in a single storey side extension but the great thing about bringing light in from above is that it won’t dazzle you.

If you are sure you want to be able to control the light you can add blinds or some hanging garden plants or a grapevine – both great ways to soften the glare. Not that we have to worry about the sun too often in Bristol!

Kitchen extension orangeries are a great way to blend the light of a conservatory with the heart of your home and make a great entertaining space too!

Flat Roof Single Storey Extension: Sun Terrace

roof terrace on single storey extensionThe flat roof of a single story extension can make a great sun terrace. As long as you plan ahead and make the roof strong enough to walk on and add a more durable roof you can add great additional space that can be enjoyed throughout the summer.

As long as it has railings of either metal or glass, it will pass building regulations and can be a great additional spot to enjoy your home in.

If you are overlooked by neighbours some well positioned trellis with large containers can quickly grow your single storey extension some privacy. It is important to ensure the roof is robustly built to make sure that the roof can take the weight of a large container.