Wetrooms Bristol

wet rooms BristolLooking for a fantastic wet room design and the perfect installation? Bristol Builders Network have a dedicated team of wet room specialists who can design and install the perfect wet room bathroom for you – however big or space the space.

Wet Rooms are much better than cramped cubicles where there is often not enough room to ‘swing a cat.’ They are great spaces and make showering a pleasure. Done well, they can also add value to your property.

Once of the most important things in wet room design is to make sure there is plenty of storage space. The men of the house will need space for their soap and shampoo, and the women will need room for their shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, razor, soap, body wash, body sponge, back scrubber, and exfoliating gloves. The storage space can be built into the tiles and even come with downlighters to create a real luxury feel to the bathroom.

Our wetroom fitters Bristol based team will take the design and turn it into a reality. We can help you every step of the way to ensure you have exactly what you are after. Just let us know your budget and we will be able to outline exactly what is achievable.

Wetrooms Bristol: Top Tips

Think about storage in the design as it makes life a lot easier if you have all your shower products in an easy to reach place. This could be a recess or shelving.

wetrooms BristolIf you are considering selling the house within a few years then go for white, natural stone, muted or something classic to ensure it will add value to your house.

Ensure the tiles are anti-slip as they may look great but if they are slippery when wet then someone is going to go A over T and end up in  A & E

Porous stone tiles will need resealing every so often, which means extra ongoing costs. You will need our wet rooms Bristol team to come back and reseal them every so often.

Don’t scrimp on the tanking (water sealant) as it will protect the walls and the floor of your home from water damage.

You could also raise the bathroom door threshold slightly in case someone blocks the drain and floods the bathroom.

Don’t remove the one main bathroom to create a wet room if you want to add value as at least one bathroom should still have a bath in it.

In smaller second bathrooms, removing the bath creates loads of much needed additional space.

Best of all, a wet room is far easier to clean than a shower cubicle!

Why not arrange for a no obligation visit from our wet room fitters Bristol team to discuss your project and give you an idea of how much a wet room would cost to install.

How Much Does a Wet Room Cost?

Wetrooms range from £4000 to £10,000 and beyond. A small 1.5 metre by 2 metre wet room area including the tiles and the shower would be around £5000. A large 2 metre x 3m wetroom area with the whole bathroom tanked, sealed and tiled would be around £8000. The price gets higher as the tiles and fittings, fixtures and other bathroom accessories get more expensive.

When discussing the wet room installation cost with your bathroom consultant it is best to have an idea of your budget in mind as there are so many different options. It will save a lot of time and energy if we know what level of finish you are looking to achieve.