House Conversions

house conversionsThere are many options when it comes to house conversions.

Almost any building can be converted into a home and BBN can help you with all kinds of home conversions.

We can also help with house conversions into flats and help you organise the complex side of matters such as splitting title deeds and creating Land Registry approved maps.

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Here is a list of all the buildings that can be converted into homes. Please let us know if you can think of any more!

  • Attic Conversions

  • Bank Conversions

  • Barn Conversions

  • Basement Conversions

  • Brewery Conversions

  • Bungalow Conversions

  • Chapel Conversions

  • Church Conversions

  • Coach House Conversions

  • Factory Conversions

  • Folly Conversions

  • Garage Conversions

  • Granny Flat Conversions

  • Hospital Conversions

  • Hotel Conversions

  • Industrial conversions

  • Lighthouse Conversions

  • Loft Conversions

  • Mill Conversions

  • Pub Conversions

  • Post Office Conversions

  • School Conversions

  • Shed Conversions

  • Shop Conversions

  • Station Conversionsv

  • Warehouse Conversions

  • Water Tower Conversions

We do not do bus conversions, boat conversions or train carriage conversions, but we do cover pretty much everything else.

Station Conversions covers all kinds of conversions from old train stations to water pumping stations. These kind of projects require specialist architects and innovative design solutions.

If the building is Listed we have specialists who have a great deal of experience of dealing with Listed buildings sympathetically and in adherence with the strict conservation rules.